No matter how old we get, mothers will always be mothers – the epitome of unconditional love and strength. During Mother’s Day, deciding what gift to give would be difficult for some. However, gift-giving should not be a dilemma. There are lots of ways to show her you love her. In choosing the perfect gift, knowing her love language would be the first step. 

Thank you, Xoxo: Physical Touch + Words of Affirmation

A peck on the cheek and a tight hug – nothing beats this combination on showing your love to your mom. The same with massage, nothing beats the combination of 3D Deep Tissue massage and Foot Reflexology with the Ogawa Bundle Mobile Cozmic and Omknee 2 Therapy. Due to its detachable structure, the Omknee 2 Therapy is also capable of delivering relief on legs, knees, shins, and arms. Both items are portable and can be used anytime. The words, “Thank You”, are easily omitted these days. Since it is a Mother’s Day gift, we can wrap your item and write down your thank you message for your mom, and deliver it for free!

Holistic and Realistic massage experience

OGAWA Bundle Cozmic and Omknee 2


Let’s Get a Massage, Ma: Quality Time 

Just because we are older, it does not mean we should stop hanging out with our mother. She is your best friend – the person that will always be there for you and no age should dictate when you should stop hanging out with her. If mom does not want to go out, a home massage with the Ogawa MySofa Luxe would be the best treat for you and your mom. Simply select her preferred massage program and enjoy some chika with your mom. Elevate your bonding time by making the Ogawa MySofa Luxe as your Mother’s Day gift and include relaxation while your chika time.

My Sofa Luxe  Right View
Ogawa My Sofa Luxe Front View
Ogawa My Sofa Luxe Left View

Surprise! Let me do that, Ma: Receiving Gifts + Acts of Service

Remember when you used to always tell your mom, “My, there’s this sandal I saw on the Department Store. Look it’s so cute, right?” then one day your mom would just, “Look, nak. This was that sandal you wanted, right?” and you would leap with joy, hug, and thank her for surprising you. You would go on for days, smiling and telling your friends or flexing it on IG or FB. Now, you are older, it is time that you surprise her with your Mother’s Day gift as well! The Ogawa Smart Reluxe is the best for stay-at home moms with programs that are perfect not only for her, but for the entire family or you may also get her an Ogawa Masterdrive Plus in Maroon – the perfect addition and pop of color to her interior! For your travel enthusiasts mother, the Ogawa XE Mini Massage Seatand Ogawa Shiatsu QT Massage Pillow is the ideal travel buddy for a back-pain and neck-pain free journey! Speaking of travelling, show appreciation to her by letting her enjoy the shotgun seat with the Ogawa XE Mini Massage Seat or the Ogawa Shiatsu QT Massage Pillow. Steer the wheel and let her enjoy the moment! 

Caters the entire family's lifestyle needs

For that pop of color in your interior

Best Travel buddy to relieve back pain

OGAWA XE Mini Mobile Massage Seat

Rechargeable and wireless -- best for travel enthusiasts

Mothers should not only be appreciated or loved during Mother’s day. They should be celebrated and thanked all year long. Appreciate them and make sure they know you love them, deeply. To purchase your Mother’s Day gift, kindly contact us at (0955) 906 2896 or visit us at 2nd Floor (Beside Toy Kingdom), SM Lanang Premier, Davao City and just Look for Glenn. We will be happy to assist you. Happy Shopping!