Ultimate Workspace Wellness with Ogawa

By: OGAWAMINDANAO.COM, September 2022

Workplace environment influences an employee’s productivity and performance and an employee’s physical well-being impacts their mental health vis-à-vis their productivity. One great tool for promoting a positive workplace environment is a massage chair. Massage chairs are symbols of relaxation and are excellent for calming the mind and relieving physical pain and mental stressors – plus it is a convenient, low-risk, and low-maintenance wellness solution. 

Office furniture is found to influence employees productivity.

Fits well on with urban space

Office Furniture Motivates Productivity 

Office furniture is found to influence an employee’s productivity. When employees are comfortable, fewer complaints against body pains are made and with good posture, blood is properly circulated making the employee mentally alert and active. This will provide them the capacity to handle designated workloads for the entire shift without feeling exhausted.  

If the office is tight on space, you can still upgrade their working spaces through Ogawa Philippines’ Mobile Massage Seats. These massage items are known for its durability, portability, and is lightweight. The Ogawa XE Mini and Ogawa Mobile Cozmic works with any chair – as long as it fits – and allows them to enjoy a 15-minute massage session while grinding. If they feel stressed and tensed, all they need to do is to lean their back and let the massage seat do its job.  

Total space-saver and works with any chair as long as it fits

Foot Reflexology is also effective for reducing stress and manages acute and chronic pain. The Ogawa Tapping Foottee and Ogawa Omknee 2 Therapy are versed in delivering effective massages and combines foot reflexology with thermotherapy for a more relaxing and satisfying massage session. 

Physical pain and mental stress affects the employees’ ability to function well and keeping them physically healthy and mentally stable should be seen as a priority. Remember, a relaxed worker is a happy worker and happy workers are more productive and produce excellent results.

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